RTLS_for_HospitalsHospital patient, staff and equipment management

Uberpod Real-time locating system (RTLS) solution provides you with the ability to easily perform day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Monitoring patients
  • Tracking and managing equipment
  • Improving patient flow
  • Monitoring workflow processes
  • Managing medical inventory.



Senior care center to help elderly with wireless button call

Solutions for Senior Care facilities that can help prevent these common violations from occurring. Our real time location system (RTLS) solution suite has several modules including:

  • Resident and Staff Tracking
  • Infection Control
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking and Management



Warehouse inventory tracking and monitoring

Real time location systems (RTLS) enable the smooth operation of warehouse practices with minimal human interaction and error. Unlike manual procedures where specific asset locations are often incorrect or unknown, real time location systems allow warehouse operators to know the location of stock, material handling equipment (MHE) and people in real time. This not only boosts warehouse productivity due to the prevention of lost stock and increased process efficiency, but also warehouse safety thanks to automatic warning systems that alert drivers of impending dangers.



Manufacture work process control

With manufacturing market increasingly fierce competition, companies urgently requires a sustained increase in the market’s response capacity and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Since the real-time location technology with remote, dynamic, high accuracy and reliability, and other advantages, breaking the data entry and data acquisition “bottleneck” problem, so using RTLS technology can automatically track work in process (being manufactured products, including member real-time distribution of semi-finished and finished products, etc.), improve production efficiency.

You frequency technology will RTLS and Wi-Fi technologies, research and development of wireless LAN RTLS, standards-based wireless local area network, without re-build other networks or facilities that can rapidly deploy an installation. To provide enterprises with a comprehensive set of assets, personnel tracking positioning solutions. To establish a more powerful information chain, to feed, WIP, packaging, transportation and storage until finally sent to the next link in the supply chain, all-round and full of visual tracking, making the production process and during storage in transit WIP tracking and traceability of the finished product quality more clear evidence to help companies reduce product defect rate, shorten manufacturing cycle, reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve enterprise in the market overall competitiveness.



Shopping mall to track smart phones moving trace, and push ad to smart phones

Today mall located in every corner of the city, of the obvious differences between the mall, to cultivate customer loyalty has none of the advantages of particularly outstanding. Competition shopping environment at the same time, the deployment in the mall’s free Wi-Fi has become a trend, how to use the mall Wi-Fi advantages, enhance the competitiveness of the mall is considered common business problems.

The distribution of a large number of shopping malls, stores, customers are not familiar with each store into the mall stores, often spend a lot of time looking for business, after entering the store to store’s promotions, new product promotion and so do not know, shopping and consumption efficiency high. In addition, with large shopping malls are often large underground parking garage, and enjoy complete shopping customers how to quickly and easily find their car is also troubled by headaches major shopping malls.

You frequency mall LBS program is based on the indoor Wi-FiRTLS technology, the accumulation of years of indoor Wi-FiRTLS based on the experience of shopping center dedicated to creating programs that can effectively solve the problem for businesses to create a modern, warm shopping environment, win more customers.



Underground miner tracking and locating management

In recent years, when coal mine accidents have occurred, how to strengthen production safety precautions, how to correctly handle the relationship between safety and production, safety and efficiency, how accurate, real-time, fast performance of coal mine safety monitoring functions to ensure disaster relief, safe and efficient rescue operation, placed in front of the national authorities and the leadership at all levels. At the same time how to change the current coal mining enterprises to mine personnel, assets and backward management, how to realize the modernization of management, information technology has become a problem of concern to all coal mining enterprises.

As China’s first Wi-FiRTLS supplier, we use the most advanced real-time location technology, the development of wireless local area network based RTLS mine safety, no other network or re-build facility, the enterprise on the basis of the existing wireless LAN that can Rapid Deployment installation. Provide a comprehensive set of assets for the coal business, personnel tracking positioning solutions. This program will be stepped on coal mine safety and production and management, on the level has brought new opportunities.